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Benefits of Building an Extension rather than moving home

You can never have enough space. No matter how big a house looks in the beginning. By the time you’ve actually lived in it long enough for it to feel like home, all that space has disappeared.

Open floor space is now replaced and filled with all the odds and ends of daily life. Not to mention kids! Kids go through space like it’s going out of fashion. Even

So what do we do? Well the obvious answer is to move: find a new, bigger, house; a house with more bedrooms, bigger bedrooms, and maybe even a bigger garage area. Get another mortgage and pay that off too.
When you really think about it, it stops you, it’s not just buying the new house to consider, there’s the problem of selling yours. Then there’s taxes and duty fees and all of the other hidden and semi-hidden fees and charges that have a habit of mounting up.Building an extension has a number of strong advantages over moving home:

It limits your involvement in a volatile and unpredictable housing market.
You avoid getting involved in negotiating a mortgage.
It avoids the inconvenience of having to pack your entire life away
There is no loss of all the advantages of all the benefits that brought you to your current area, close schools,  friends and family.

Latting and Felting Repair KerryYou have almost total flexibility to extend outwards, upwards with a loft conversion or even downwards with a basement conversion on your property.
The end product is a new space tailored to your needs: extend existing rooms; build big rooms or just more rooms and the roofing expert in Kerry will provide the roof you need tailored to your tastes.

A new extension is a clear way to get all the advantages of a bigger property without the pitfalls of having to move home. You decide, get in touch with the local builders Kerry,

If your looking for an extension roofed or roofing repairs to an existing extension in Allen, Ballitore, Castledermot, Johnstown, Kerry Town, Kill, Leixlip, Maynooth,  Monasterevin, Moyvalley, Naas, Punchestown and Rathangan we have the tools and skills to give you that perfect custom built extension.