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3 Ways A Roofing Company Can Estimate The Cost Of Your New Roof

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If you're planning to call a roofing company soon for an estimate on a new roof, you might be wondering what to expect. Roofing contractors vary in their procedures, but they'll all want to check your roof and take dimensions so they can give you an accurate price. Here are three ways a roofing company might go about giving you an estimate on a roof.

1. Satellite Images

A roofing company can use roofing software to analyze images taken from satellites, like the ones you find on internet maps. The software is able to measure your roof and look for signs of damage too. This allows a roofer to give you an estimate without having to visit your property.

The success of this procedure depends on the satellite image being recent since they're sometimes months old. If that's the case, the roofer may use another method or combine methods to get the most accurate estimate possible.

2. Drone Images

If a roofing company uses a drone to inspect your roof, they'll need to come to your property. Drones used for this purpose use roofing software that might also incorporate satellite images for the best accuracy in measurements.

The roofer flies the drone over your roof and takes photos of damage too, so you'll have proof of what's wrong with your roof. A drone is able to hover over all areas of your roof, so the inspection is complete and accurate.

3. Physical Inspection

If your roofing company doesn't work with images and software, they may prefer to climb up on your roof and check it in person. This helps the roofer know if the deck under the shingles has water damage, and that makes for a more accurate quote.

A roofer inspects as much of the roof as possible for damage so they know all the parts that will need to be replaced. Then they measure the roof to determine the amount of materials that need to be ordered so they can prepare your estimate.

Providing estimates using satellite and drone imagery may seem futuristic, but it's a quick and easy way for a roofer to give you an estimate. It's convenient for the roofer to do and results are pretty accurate. When you call a roofing company for an estimate, you might get quicker service from a company that uses images and does the work remotely, but whether the roofer comes to your home or not, you can be at ease about the accuracy of the price that's estimated for your new roof.

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