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5 Important Factors To Consider When Installing A Skylight In Your Roof

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If the interior of your home is on the gloomy side, adding a skylight to your roof is an effective way to fill your home with more light. And skylights provide natural light, which can help you to save money on your electricity bill too. You also have the benefit of improved ventilation in your home.

Before you proceed with the installation of a new skylight, however, consider the following factors.

1. Glare

One downside to adding a skylight to your home may be glare from direct sunlight. Glare can cause a space to become unbearably bright or hot. Fortunately, you can prevent glare in a space with a skylight by adding tinting to the window of the skylight. You can also add a shade to give you control over the amount of light that comes through the skylight.

Another way to reduce glare from a skylight is to place your skylight on the north or east side of your home to reduce direct sunlight.  

2. Ventilation

Would you like your skylight to ventilate your home as well as bring in more light? Then consider opting for a skylight that opens or has vents. This will give you the ability to ventilate your home whenever you need to.

3. Style

Remember that your skylight will probably be visible to anyone looking at your home from the outside. So style should be a priority too. Choose a skylight that works with your home's architectural style, otherwise your skylight will look out of place in your roof and affect your home's curb appeal.

4. Shape

The shape of your skylight dictates how incoming light will radiate throughout your home. For instance, if you choose a skylight with straight sides, the light entering your home will extend in a straight line. A flared skylight will spread the light out to the sides of the skylight as well. Consider how much light you need and where you want that light to go before choosing the shape.

5. Weather

Weather will be an important factor during the installation of your skylight. Installing a skylight during poor weather conditions will slow down the installation process, so choose a time when the weather is likely to be fine, such as the spring or summer.

A skylight will add light and air flow to your home. But before you press ahead with the installation of a skylight, consider these factors carefully.

To learn more about skylight installation and other residential roofing services, contact a roofing contractor in your area.