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Why Putting Off Roof Replacement Is A Bad Idea

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Is your roof in bad shape? Then now is the time to replace it. Although roof replacement can be costly in terms of time and money, don't be tempted to wait too long if your roof shows signs of failing. Putting off roof repair can have negative consequences for you and your home.

Roof replacement is a job that you simply cannot postpone. Otherwise, you may encounter a host of costly problems.

Higher energy bills

One of the important jobs of a roof is to regulate the temperature within your home. During the summer, your roof should help to keep your home cool. And during the winter, your roof should help to keep your precious heat inside your home. If your roof can no longer do that, your energy bills will soar since you'll need to heat and cool your home more to compensate.

Damage due to leaks

The longer you put off roof replacement, the higher the risk that rainwater will penetrate your roof and its failing materials. Short-term damage will occur on rainy days when rain leaks through your roof into your attic and home. But the worst of the damage will occur over time, as wet rot sets in and begins to damage the structure of your home.

Fire hazards 

Water leaking into your home from above can quickly become a fire hazard if it encounters electrical breakers or outlets on the way down. Moreover, faulty or aged wiring may also be present. Rainwater can cause short circuits, which could lead to a fire that damages your home and puts you and your family at risk of injury.

Pest infestation

Failing roofs are often ideal nesting spots for pests of all shapes and sizes. Animals like birds and squirrels may enter your roof and nest in your attic if your roof is in poor condition. Animal droppings can contain diseases that can harm humans. And insect pests such as termites may build colonies in your roof if the wood of your roof is exposed.

Reduced curb appeal

The roof is one of the most visible parts of a house. You can't hide a damaged roof. If your roof is in a poor state and you fail to replace it, neighbors and visitors will notice easily.

Postponing roof replacement is fraught with risk. If your roof no longer protects your home from the elements, now is the time to replace it.