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2 Areas To Check On Your Home For Damage After A Severe Hailstorm

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After a severe storm came through your area dumping hailstones along with the rain, the loud noises of the small balls of ice bouncing off the exterior of your home may have left you concerned about its overall condition. Even if the hail appeared small, you may worry about the damage that it may have caused.

Since even small hailstones can leave serious damage, once the storm is over, you should do an initial inspection of your home's exterior. While looking over your home, pay close attention to the following two areas when searching for the damage that could require professional attention if found.

1.  Examine Your Roof for Signs of Cracked, Damaged, or Missing Shingles

The first area where you should focus your attention when trying to determine the extent of damage caused by the recent hailstorm is your home's roof. Because it bears the brunt of such storms, there is a good chance that some of the shingles were damaged or even knocked off when the hailstones struck it.

Besides seeing cracks and chips in the shingles or noticing areas where they are missing and you can see the plywood, also check along the ground around your home's foundation. If you see a large number of small granules, the hailstones most likely hit hard enough to knock them off the surfaces of shingles. This could indicate other damage that will need to be examined by a professional.

2.  Check Your Home's Siding for Indentations, Cracks, or Holes 

After looking at your home's roof, the next part of your inspection should include the siding. Especially if there were high winds during the storm, the stones may have struck the sides of your home.

While examining the siding, look for indentations, cracks, and even holes in the strips. Even if the damage appears minor, you should still have someone look at it to assess the need for repairs. Even small holes and cracks can allow moisture to infiltrate underneath the siding and cause water problems.

Even if the hailstones coming down during the storm did not seem to be big enough to do much to your home, even small ones can cause enough damage that could lead to leaks or other issues. If you do find evidence of hail damage while you are inspecting your home's roof and siding, you should have a professional take a closer look. Contact a company that offers storm damage home repair services in your area to have them send someone to inspect the exterior of your home thoroughly so that any serious damage can be fixed as soon as possible.