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4 Causes Of Roof Damage And How To Handle The Repairs

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Like anything else, roofs have a life span. How long a roof lasts is based on the quality of the materials used. Additionally, if you install and maintain it professionally, it will serve your home for many years and offer much-needed protection for your family and valuables. 

But as your roof deteriorates, it exposes you to various hazards. For instance, a weak roof is an excellent entry point for home breakers. Besides that, it gives pests easy access to your home. That's why you should schedule roof repair as soon as you notice weaknesses. In addition, you will need to hire professional roof repair services when your roof suffers damage due to the following issues.

High-speed Winds 

The local weather is a primary determinant of how long your roof lasts. Not many roofing materials will undergo years of hurricanes, cyclones, hailstorms, and harsh sunshine without incurring some level of damage. High-speed winds can either blow off the entire roof or lift and weaken it, leading to sagging and eventual collapse. 

Hail storms accelerate the curling of the shingles, which leads to leaks during the wet season. It is advisable to get the roof inspected each time a storm hits the area. That way, your roofer will identify issues that need to be fixed.

Substandard DIY Installation

How you installed your roof profoundly affects its appearance and longevity. For example, poor or no sealant, failing to fasten or overlap the shingles properly sets you up for recurrent roof problems. Other DIY installation mistakes include choosing the wrong materials for your locality. Additionally, you'll need to rebuild your roof if the interior roof support structures like the underlayment and membranes are defective.

Aging of the Roof

You will encounter one issue after another when your roof gets to the end of its useful life. With old age comes wear and tear. For example, aged shingles experience splitting, curling, breaking, and lifting. These issues encourage water leaks if not addressed in time.

Walking on the roof 

As a homeowner, you may walk on your roof to check its condition and the solar panels or satellite dishes at the rooftop. Though a newly-installed roof can withstand the weight, an older and weaker one might buckle. Usually, walking on the roof causes leaks along the walking path. 

These are a few of the many reasons why your roof can wear down. But in all cases, you should enlist the assistance of a roofing repair service. They will get to the bottom of the problem and provide a lasting solution.