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Installing Metal Roofs? Check Out The 4 Common Mistakes You Should Avoid

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If you're planning to roof your new house or re-roof your old one, metal is one of the best materials to use. It's durable, has a great appearance, and is easy to maintain. But, if you don't install it properly, you're likely to face many challenges down the road. 

So, before starting the project, be sure to seek the assistance of an experienced roofing professional. With their help, you will evade armature mistakes. This guide highlights the mistakes that you need to avoid when undertaking a metal roof installation.

Failing To Correctly Overlap Metal Panels 

Like other roofing materials, you should properly overlap your roof panels so as to create a watertight seal. Doing this eliminates the need for a roof replacement down the line due to leaks. The overlap to use when installing your roof will depend on your roof's pitch and the metal rmaterial you plan to use. Ensure that you work with a seasoned metal roof installation expert since they know the right way to align the panels.

Not Using the Correct Panel Measurements

A sure way to ruin your roof design is by failing to use the correct measurements. With incorrect dimensions, you'll end up ordering panels of the wrong size. And after the installation, the open edge of your metal roof gets exposed. Professional roofers use roofing calculators to get the correct measurements. Additionally, they will suggest a weather-tight fit to protect your roof structure.

Using the Wrong Underlayment

When installing your metal roof, make sure that you use the correct underlayment to safeguard against condensation. Reduced condensation minimizes the risk of water damage. Also, remember that some building codes require contractors to use specific underlayment when roofing. Therefore, failing to follow the directions of your roofer could land you in the wrong hands of the law enforcers and even void your warranty.

Failing To Use the Right Fasteners

It is essential to use the correct fasteners when putting up a roof. But if you use standard types or those not meant for metal roofs, you will likely end up with a weak roof. Usually, metal roof fasteners feature a unique washer that seals your roof's opening, preventing water from seeping underneath. In addition, some roof manufacturers offer recommendations on the ideal fasteners that you should use on their roof panels. For the best results, adhere to these recommendations.

Metal roofs are appealing, lasting, and efficient. But the initial installation requires the expertise of an experienced and competent roofing contractor. With their guidance, you will reap maximum benefits from your metal roof. 

For more information on metal roofing, contact a professional near you.