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Are You Curious About EPDM Commercial Roofing?

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Having a functional commercial roof will not only bolster the aesthetic value of your commercial property but also works to keep your operational costs low since it will directly influence the energy efficiency of your commercial building. With that in mind, keeping your commercial roofing functioning at optimum is critical for your bottom line.

If you find that your current roofing is constantly plagued with structural problems, you may want to consider reinforcing it with EPDM roofing. Check out the following article that touches on this rubber membrane and the reasons why it is a great investment for your commercial building.

What Is It?

Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer refers to a synthetic material that can be affixed to most types of roofing structures. Typically employed in commercial applications, your commercial roofers can opt to either glue or fasten this membrane onto your current roofing to address defects that are comprising its integrity.

What Advantages Does EPDM Provide?

One of the leading advantages of this rubber membrane is that it offers superior resistance to a range of external elements. Not only is it resistant to direct exposure to ultraviolet rays, it is also resistant to fluctuating temperatures, high winds, hail storms, and more. To make sure that the EPDM roofing matches your needs, your commercial roofing contractors will establish the degree of insulation your building requires coupled with the specific threats this roofing will be exposed to so that they can determine the suited number of layers to install.

The second advantage of choosing EPDM roofing for your commercial building is the prolonged lifespan that it offers. As long as you keep this rubber membrane free of debris and standing water, it can serve you for several decades down the line. It is also worth noting that this longevity works to save on costs too, as you will not be paying for recurring repairs.

Lastly, if thermal gain is a major concern for your commercial building, you can request the commercial roofers to install EPDM supplies in white. The lighter the color of the membrane, the more reflective it is and this will mitigate thermal gain.

What Does the Installation Process Entail?

As mentioned earlier, your commercial roofers can install EPDM supplies in two main ways — gluing or mechanical fastening. If you are looking to maximize the durability of this membrane, you should consider gluing as your preferred installation method. However, this technique is incredibly time-consuming, so you should expect to pay more for the labor costs than you would for mechanical fasting. Mechanical installation techniques, conversely, are more economical, but there is always the chance that the affixed sections can detach, which would warrant professional repairs. 

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